Olive completes her outfit with a glass of Nyetimber's Classic Cuvee and a boiled egg.
I, Olive am taking charge of the blog today, seeing as it's in honour of the Queen and I do like the Queen!  The sun popped out and surprised us with it's cheeky hot rays, so I packed Phillip off wrapped in a'DJ' suit with his violin and a jazzy scarf and waistcoat for later.  He played with a string quartet for this lovely street party, which was held in Battersea, with a luncheon cooked by Valentine Warner, and hosted by Story PR and Nyetimber, who produce nothing other than the best English Sparkling wine in the world.
There was an egg and spoon race.  I do hope and presume that the eggs were Free Range, preferably from Clarence Court, which are regularly double yokers and you can even watch the chickens live online.
Phillip did not win but I think he came 2nd place.
Later we met 'The Gents' who have a piano on wheels, which has an engine inside and they were driving it all around East London.  There was hours of sing song and we all got a free Kazoo.
After a long and delightful day I came home to see Rupee Daisy the kitten, who had found herself a crown and we had a little coronation ceremony for her.  She ate Whiskas temptations (salmon flavour), a little tea with milk to toast herself, we all went to bed very happy.

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