Olive completes her outfit with a glass of Nyetimber's Classic Cuvee and a boiled egg.
I, Olive am taking charge of the blog today, seeing as it's in honour of the Queen and I do like the Queen!  The sun popped out and surprised us with it's cheeky hot rays, so I packed Phillip off wrapped in a'DJ' suit with his violin and a jazzy scarf and waistcoat for later.  He played with a string quartet for this lovely street party, which was held in Battersea, with a luncheon cooked by Valentine Warner, and hosted by Story PR and Nyetimber, who produce nothing other than the best English Sparkling wine in the world.
There was an egg and spoon race.  I do hope and presume that the eggs were Free Range, preferably from Clarence Court, which are regularly double yokers and you can even watch the chickens live online.
Phillip did not win but I think he came 2nd place.
Later we met 'The Gents' who have a piano on wheels, which has an engine inside and they were driving it all around East London.  There was hours of sing song and we all got a free Kazoo.
After a long and delightful day I came home to see Rupee Daisy the kitten, who had found herself a crown and we had a little coronation ceremony for her.  She ate Whiskas temptations (salmon flavour), a little tea with milk to toast herself, we all went to bed very happy.

Depending on who you choose to believe it could be the first day of summer, but for us it's certainly still 
Spring and whilst last week's Spring forth! took place in wobbly weather, it was followed by a weekend of sunshine and the evening didn't fail all those who braved the rain and wind to make it down Cambridge Heath road for the dinner and after party. 
It was the first EVER dinner Tea Thyme, a florist-café off Mare Street, also the first ever party in their flower warehouse...and it really worked out.  We commemorated the arrival of our new kitten with an eponymous cocktail “The Rupee Daisy” a wonderful fizzy affair of Rhubarb puree, home made sloe gin and Cava. This helped wash down the delectable canapés of rabbit liver parfait with onion jam and mustard leaf and beetroot, goats cheese and mint. There’s a lot to be said for Rabbit’s liver by the way, easily the equal of chicken liver, it's rich and tasty without being overpowering.

Our Spring Veg patch was a real favourite on the night. Rich Jerusalem artichoke and truffle puree covered with my own version of edible soil, young tasty radishes, turnips and a tempura quails egg.  Garnished with micro leaves and edible flowers and a little spray of rose vinegar.  I was slightly nervous about the dish, but all the plates came back licked 100% clean!
The after party was already in full swing by the time we finished up across the road, we made it over in time to catch The Dead Victorians, who are… AMAZING. If you get a chance to see them, DO! If not, have listen their tracks here. Katy came up with some great cocktails for the night too, with a perfect elderflower mojito and a fennel infused gin fizz with rhubarb syrup. Brilliantly British stuff!  The cocktails will be available to try again at the Old Boys Club this Friday & Saturday night.  More details...

Since then Olive was working with the tweat up team on their BBQ bonanza Ribstock, which despite the rain was pretty amazing – ribs galore and gallons of hot sauce. Her favorite ribs were from Red dog saloon down the road in Hoxton.  She says they were also her first ribs off the day, so may be slightly biased.  Her fingers were beyond sticky and face beyond mucky by the end of the devouring! 
Also the cocktails from Milk and Honey were fantastic. It all took place in St. Anne’s church yard in Soho over looked by soon to open members club Century, which is the new place from the Rushmore group, the chaps behind Tweat up and Soho stalwarts The Player, Milk and Honey.

Then coming up this week is Land of Kings – which if you don’t live in Dalston (doesn’t everyone?) is a festival set about the Kingsland road in various bars and venues. We’re back in our second home The old boys club, Boleyn Road doing cocktails and English Tapas for the more discerning trendy revellers. We’ll be upstairs from 8.30PM til 4AM on Friday and Saturday, and its free to get in, so do come and see us and have a bite with some chums.  
     Huzzah! spring is finally here.  Flowers are blossoming,  the great thaw has started and pale knees squint out  from under bright skirts still ceased from winter packing...

     Its been a rather wonderful winter for us at Parlour tricks, after the roaring success of our St. Martins day feast, and a wonderful Christmas party we threw for the Brooklyn Brothers agency - we decided to cash in our chips and head off to the Indian sub continent for a prolonged sojourn, trotting around the place, tasting foods of the most delicious persuasions on every street corner, soaking up the perfumes and spices of the markets and even sampling the Indian 'champagne'. (actually, not a bad drop!). And with plenty of time to think and conjure on long train journeys, we came back with more than just stuffed camels and incense......
Out of a brimming hatful of ideas and hair brained schemes we pulled out three that we're really keen to share with you...

The 1st of these, is just a few weeks away on Friday the 20th of April (a very auspicious day indeed!). We'll be celebrating 'Spring Forth!'  our springtime feast,  which also coincides with the feast day of Libertas - yes, the goddess of freedom and liberty. My good friend Suman owns a delightful florist 'slash' cafe in Hackney. We'd been toying with the idea of doing a dinner there for ages and when we finally decided to, he just grinned and said 'its all yours!' What a nice chap.
So, expect food, drink and music themed around Spring, flowers and the English countryside. Start the evening with a flower themed cocktail and canapes, then sit amongst the flowers for a delicious three course meal, prepared with the finest wild and fresh British ingredients, perfectly executed by Phil and our michelin star trained chef Russ and looked after by Olive, Katy and the gang, washed down with a mouth watering list of bold, beautiful bio dynamic wines.    
After this we'll take you across the road into the candle lit warehouse where you can enjoy cocktails and punch, composed especially for the occasion, local beers and bubbles whilst you laugh, dance and carrousel to live music into the wee hours. 
It promises to be secret dining as it should be - intimate, exquisite and FUN! Tickets will be really limited for this one,  with every diner allowed to invite friends for the after  party.

Click here to
Buy tickets for Parlour Tricks.
As SPRING FORTH! looms ever closer,  hovering just on the horizon are two  more brilliant events to get those mouths watering...

     What, you may ask, would be the point of spending all that time in India without compiling feverishly scrawled notebooks full of dishes eaten, recipes half understood and a great party in the making? Well there wouldn't have been, so, Mahatmas and Sahibs, we present to you our 'Indian Summer Feast'.  Conjuring up the essence of India  with ideas that we picked up on our travels, tastes and flavours and a bit of psychedelia for the after party!  We'll keep you updated but we're hoping July/August sometime for this one. 
     But before we get there, Olive decided on a party themed around indulging in one of our guiltiest food pleasures - The Midnight Feast.  For a while in the cold mountains of Nepal we got into the habit of taking snacks a plenty to bed with us and then at some point during the night, waking up just enough to pass them back and forth before contentedly falling back into our slumber. How sweet!  Well,  we thought why not celebrate the midnight feast by asking our friends what they enjoy most in the middle of the night (food that is....) and then have our own midnight feast, complete with dressing gowns, beds to lounge on, canapes shared food and strange booze!  Stick with us on this one, its going to very very fun and a little weird...
Parlour Tricks: The Restaurant, opening soon.

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